The Musings of an Entrepreneur 4

Malisa Haley - Saturday, June 22, 2013

We have entered the slow season around here, both for the shop and for life and thank goodness for that. This week we started brainstorming the list of things we need to do before the holiday season at the store - and there is a lot! But for a moment we are taking a deep breath. The kids are out of school, thankfully, almost all sports are wrapped up, double thankfully, and things are generally calm before it starts all over again in August. Quite lovely.

Jamie and I don't tend to sit around idle for long, however. Today we again took the lid off the dream we have set aside, temporarily, of opening a brick and mortar shop. It's always on the to do list, for sure. Our biggest obstacle to overcome, besides fear itself of course, is where to locate the shop. Texas is a long way from Virginia! But I have had my eye on a particular location since last September. This location is in a wonderful shopping center near my home in Northern Virginia and until about a month ago, was still just a field. As ground broke and the structure started going up I could not help but longingly look at the location every time I drive by - almost daily it seems.

So today, as I was running around the parking lot - the AWESOME Kelly's bootcamp takes place in the same parking lot - I got the itch and the courage to open the dream box again. I thought surely today HAD to be the day, the tipping point, so I inquired and waited, excitedly, for my 'sign' to move forward and just do it.

But alas, the sign I got was not the one I was hoping for. The location I love does have availability, but the footprint has changed to become 3 restaurants and not the 4 smaller mixed use locations initially envisioned. So back goes the top on the box today. Oh well, on the bright side - a joy of Texas is coming to me, a drive through Starbucks is going in to my shopping center! Now that is some good news! Think they will mind if I jog on through during my next 6AM running club??

Happy business building all! May your dream box be full and ready to go when your stars align.

Patty commented on 24-Jun-2013 07:18 AM
Don't feel too apprehensive about walking through the drive through. I doubt you'd be the first. Remember Dairy Queen used to have a walk-up window. Maybe enough will follow your lead and Starbucks will recognize the opportunity.

While the title of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” could be taken negatively, the line “Dream until your dreams come true” is a kind wish. Best wishes to you ladies.

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